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Stefanie Blacklaw

Stefanie Blacklaw is a management consultant and Chief Operating Officer at Celekt, LLC. She works with clients to structure their organizations effectively, set their business priorities, and focus on implementing and growing their ideas into successful businesses.

Leveraging a decade’s worth of experience of company administration, contract management, and management consultancy, mostly for start-ups and small organizations, Stefanie knows what is essential for a small company; how to structure and administer the entity to get the essentials right while minimizing the administrative burden. For companies with their sights set on international growth, Stefanie’s insights from operating in multiple jurisdictions help her guide clients through the complexity to find practical solutions and get on with business!

While her clients are, of course, the experts in their technical domains, Stefanie’s project management abilities, qualifications, and broad experience enable her to identify the critical aspects of technology development, allowing her to guide practical technical as well as organizational priorities.

Stefanie holds a master’s degree (Mag. Iur.) in Law from the University of Graz, Austria, and an LLM from the University of Southern California, USA. She is also a certified Prince®2 Practitioner. 






Effective operations in multiple jurisdictions

Technology De-Risking and Project Management

Business Plan Preparation

One-on-One Executive Mentoring

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